Will FIFA 20 have Non-League Football?

We do not know much about FIFA 20 as of right now. The game that is expected to be released later this year has the most loyal fans in sports video game history. So what crazy thing are they up to this year? Well, there is a new campaign to get EA’s attention to get non-league football in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Non-League Football
Do you want FIFA 20 to have non-league football?

The game that primarily focuses on top tier football and has their fans vote for new leagues in the next FIFA edition. It makes sense since the biggest players in the world play in the biggest leagues like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or the Italian Serie A. However, since a large number of FIFA  gamers themselves play some level of non-league, FIFA 20 could feature non-league football.

Vanarama National League is currently campaigning to persuade EA that inclusion of non-league football is the way to go. They are asking EA to look into smaller leagues and go down to the grass-root level. The CEO and Co-founder of Vanarama Andy Aldeson says “ We love being involved in non-league football. Its proper football, with proper fans.

We are unsure if EA would actually add non-league teams to FIFA 20. However, if they did, there would be big money coming down to non-league football since it will finally get the attention it needs.

Do you want non-league football to be featured in FIFA 20?

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  1. WE would like to get the Hungarian Leage in the game or at least Ferencvárosi TC and Újpest FC in the non-league teams. This is the biggest derby in europe and we would like to fight against each other.

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