Vampyr – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

Developed and published by Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive, Vampyr is an action role playing video game that takes place during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The Dontnod Entertainment, the Vampyr developer, is the studio behind popular Remember Me and Life is Strange games.


Based on the 1918 London Spanish flu pandemic, Vampyr is certain to bring back the deadliest human disasters that claimed 50 – 100 million lives back through the game. Learn more about the Vampyr including its release date, trailer, available consoles, gameplay, development and much more in this article.

Vampyr Release Date

Vampyr was initially announced in 2015 and scheduled for November 2017. However, the game’s recent announcement stated that it won’t be out anytime soon due to some technical issues. As per the development, Vampyr has a new release date and it’s Spring 2018. Thus, eagerly waiting fans of Vampyr need to stay put till 2018 to enjoy the game.

Vampyr Available Consoles

Vampyr will be available on consoles like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hopefully, it would be released on other consoles like Nintendo Switch.

About Vampyr

Set in London 1918, Vampyr is an action role playing video game where a player takes a role of Jonathan E. Reid. Reid is a doctor who is puzzled with vampirism after getting bitten by a patient expected to have Spanish Flu. Vampyr takes you to historic landmarks with a gothic style of vampiric adventure.

Vampyr Trailer

Dontnod Entertainment firstly announced the game in January 2015. Since the game first launched the trailer, it has already garnered numbers of views. Check out the E3 2017 trailer that shades lights on Vampyr tone, setting, and story.

To see the actual Vampyr gameplay in action, check out the 15 – minute video of the link released by the developers showing some of the core systems.

Vampyr Gameplay

Vampyr is played from a 3rd person perspective. The action role playing game, in the game, a player plays Jonathan E. Reid, a human turned vampire with a thrust for blood who kills innocent people. However, to carry out the successful killing, Reid needs to collect information about his targets and study their behavior habits and maintain a certain relationship with the London habitats.

A player can finish the game without killing anyone, however, it can leave a doctor almost incapable of leveling up. At the end, a game led without killing anyone opens of four endings. The skill tree shows the improvement of abilities fuelled by experience points gained from blood and investigation.

A player can target anyone in the game but will have consequences affecting London citizens. Reid can turn people into vampires. Feeding on human blood in the game will open new powers alongside nourishment. With a waypoint, Reid can navigate the London leading to the desired destination.

The game is set to be an amalgamation of melee and ranged combat with Ried, a doctor with the ability to craft varieties of tools. As per the weapon, Reid can improvise weapons like saw and Webley Revolver. Weapon possession can be improved by looting items from the victims’ bodies. A player needs to fight against vampire such Ekon, Skals, the Vulkod, Nemord, Guard of Priwen among many. The enemies type in the game can vary as Reid may confront not just humans but vampires and other supernatural creatures.

Vampyr Awards and Recognition

Since its appearance at E3 2017 conference, Vampyr has garnered one of the GamesRadar’s Best of E3 awards. The role playing action video game also was nominated for GamesBeat’s Unreal Underdog award followed by Game Critics Awards Best RPG Award.

Vampyr Development

As stated by the developer, the game’s development began with 60 people in a team later expanded to 80. Initially, the game was considered to set in 1950s America but following the entry of director Stephane Beauverger, the game was focused on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic to inspire a more gothic mood. In order to give a real picture of the history, Dontnod conducted field research by visiting London and taking photos.

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