UFC 4 – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

Developed by EA Canada and SkyBox Labs, UFC 4 is the fourth installment in the series. The video game series which is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brand is mixed martial arts sports initially released in 2014. Since its inception, the game has received excellent feedback from the gamers. While its previous installment will release between January 1 and March 31 of 2018, here we will scour on the UFC 4 release date and much more. These include release date, available consoles, cover athletes, trailer, pre-order, wishlist, gameplay, etc.

UFC 4 Game

UFC 4 Release Date

As per EA Sports, EA Sports will release it’s UFC 3, the third installment in the UFC series between January 1 and March 31 of 2018. Moreover, it’s releasing the 3rd installment two years later since its last release in March 2016. Although EA Sports haven’t shed much news on UFC 4, it’s predictable the fourth installment will go global somewhere at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. This means UFC fans might have to wait till 2020 to lay their hands on UFC 4.

UFC 4 Available Consoles

EA Sports has been launching UFC for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since its first release on June 17, 2014. It’s been in the news that the UFC 3 will also be available on the two consoles. However, in the case of UFC 4, we believe the developer will bring some changes in terms of consoles. Companies have been developing distinct versions of consoles. For instance, Microsoft is working on the advance version of Xbox while Nintendo is working on launching its hybrid consoles coined Nintendo Switch. It is anticipated that the UFC 4 will launch its game targeting these on these consoles.

On the other hand, like every year, the developer will launch a free to play the mobile version of the UFC game for iOS and Android operating system.

UFC 4 Gameplay

With the development of a new installment, UFC developer strives to make the gaming experience more realistic than the predecessor. Developers mentioned that the game accommodates artificial intelligence (AI) to make the game advance. Moreover, to connect players with their preferred player – character the game simulates – full body deformation. As per the rumor, the new installment might include Career Mode and other perks unlocked enabling to enhance gameplans.

UFC 4 Cover Athlete

Up to now, there hasn’t been any news about UFC 4 cover athletes. E3 event which frequently takes place in June, thus there’s a chance EA could exhibit a glimpse of the UFC 4 cover athletes. While based on the assumptions, there are fighters who are predicted to appear in the UFC 4 cover athletes. These include Ronda Rousey, Jose Aldo, Floyd Mayweather, and Conor McGregor.

UFC 4 Trailer

The game developers release the trailer of the game some months before the game’s official launch date. Therefore, fans have to wait quite a while to see a grand launch of the UFC 4 trailer. Moreover, a wait would be worthy enough as there has been a rumor that UFC 4 will be bringing some amazing players. The probability of seeing them in the trailer is high. So, cross the finger and let’s wait for the trailer.

UFC 4 Wishlist

As an ardent UFC fan, below are the wishlist desperate to see in its next 4th installment i.e. UFC 4.

–    Crowd noise, crowd hype for the fight and pre-fight pushing via quick time event, etc. would make the gameplay significantly better. Hopefully, we can encounter these in UFC 4.

–    Include modes like K – 1 and Pride mode.

–    Enabling players to watch the fight and having them judge and score the fight through online mode could be a great addition in the upcoming installment.

–    While games like WWE 2K lets replay some of the greatest matches in history, and EA Sports UFC 4 should give gamers to play fights like veterans Don Frye, Takayama, Henderson and much more.


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