Who are The Top 10 Midfielders in FIFA 20? Midfielders are one of the hardest positions to hold on, you need to have changeable pace and vision to support the team as the backbone.


The midfielder is a maker for team and breaker for opposing team; same like previous year this year also, FIFA has done the rating of World class midfielder.

The Top 10 Midfielders in FIFA 20 are as follows:

Borja Valero (83):

Inter Milan creator, Borja Valero has attributes of 87 vision, 89 short passing and 85 long passes cost millions of dollar just to include in pitch. His previous season was unbearable due to poor performance but FIFA didn’t downgrade his rating.

Marco Asensio (84):

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio has perfect attacking and creating attribute leaving defensive part aside. He is one of the substituted players because of his pace but this year FIFA has given him upgraded rating. His statics like (84) shooting, 83 passing, and 85 dribblings are a likable part.

Dele Alli (84):

One of the amazing midfielders, Dele Alli has been Fans, favorite player, to watch him play. His preceding 2017/18 season was ended with 9 goals and 10 assists in 36 games. His celebration is trendy and catchy one same like that his attributes like 81 shooting and 82 dribblings are eye-catching.

James Rodriguez (85):

After moving from Real Madrid, James has got a chance to show his true color as a footballer; within a season James has created 8 goals and 14 assists in 39 matches for Bayern. He can play any position available in the midfielder, he is the best choice to fulfill the hole of the team after injury. His attributes 87 shooting, 88 passing and 87 dribblings are justified for both fans and player.

Mesut Özil (86):

After a devastating performance in the world cup, his rating has been downgraded but fans love FIFA’s decision on this card. 2017/18 season was a nightmare for him as he racked up 5 goals and 14 assists in 35 games.  His attribute 87 passing and 84 dibbling are reasonable for him.

David Silva (87):

Manchester cities, Silva has maintained his rating even though he is option player for the city. His preceding 2017/18 season was spot on with 9 goals and 11 assists in 29 appearances. His attribute 87 passing and 91 dribblings are reasonable for 32 years old Silva.

Christian Eriksen (88):

Yet another Tottenham player, Christian Eriksen had beautiful early 2017/18 season with a record of 14 goals and 13 assists in 47 matches. A brilliant player like him is unable to land a trophy in their team. His statics like 82 shooting, 89 passing and 87 dribblings is fine for him leaving defensive need to be upgraded from 57 to 59.

Paulo Dybala (89):

Starting 2018/19 season was best for him later he was unable to play in big games, which is hugely criticized by Fans. He is a technical player with 85 paces, 85 shooting, 84 passing, and 91 dribblings. He can be a great partner for C. Ronaldo in upcoming games.

Kevin De Bruyne (91):

One of the best midfielder in premier league, Kevin De Bruyne was awarded playmaker of 2017/18 season. His touch and passes are melting ghee. He was able to rack up 17 assists and 8 goals in 37 games. His 92 passing, 87 shooting and 88 dribbling will be reasonable statics in FIFA 19.

Luka Modric (91):

After the unbelievable performance, Croatia king Modric secured the Ballon d’Or instead of Messi and Ronaldo. He is the biggest creator for Real Madrid, his attributes like 90 passing and 91 dribblings are reasonable for this man.

These are the top ten best midfielders of FIFA 20 on the base of rating and performance they have done for their country or club.

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