The Evil Within 2 – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

The third person survival horror video game, The Evil Within 2 is developed and published by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks.

The Evil Within 2

The game is a sequel to 2014 The Evil Within, the upcoming one aims to give players another terrifying and thrilling experience. Here’s all the information about the game including gameplay, release date, trailer, available consoles and much more.

The Evil Within 2 Release Date

The upcoming horror video game, The Evil Within 2 was first announced at E3 2017, where the publisher Bethesda showed off cinematic announcement trailer along with three in-game locations. During the conference, Bethesda also announced the game’s release date on October 13, 2017. Released in 2014, the game is lauded for its uniqueness. Moreover, the game has been known for managing to include and combine features of classic survival horror games with third person action elements rendering classic feeling.

The Evil Within 2 Trailer

The new trailer of the game has been launched and shows The Evil Within 2 gameplay footage. Rather than focusing on one moment, the trailer emphasizes from different areas which let us see Sebastian running and hiding for his life simultaneously engaging in combat with frightening creatures.  The game’s first trailer was showcased this year at Bethesda’s E3. The next trailer introduced one of the villainous human residents of Union.

The Evil Within 2 Available Console

The Evil Within 2 will be released for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

The Evil Within 2 Pre – Order

Customers who pre – order the game will receive various stuff as being announced by the Bethesda. This will include:

Crafting Supplies

With crafting supplies, the player can upgrade go – to the weapon, make traps to capture enemies and craft additional ammo which will be available at the beginning of a descent into Union.

The Burst Handgun

The exclusive Burst Handgun uses handgun bullets that can either be found or crafted. However, the Burst Handgun is only available through the Last Chance Pack.

Medical Supplies

In order to stay alive to save Lily, these medical supplies will assist you to survive while venturing into the world of Union.

The Evil Within 2 Plot

With an aim of bringing the world peace and order, Mobius, a corporation with unknown motives created the STEM device. STEM connects human minds to an alternate dimension. In the first game’s event, Detective Sebastian Castellanos was dismissed from the police department. For around three years, he falls into depression and gets back to drinking. However, Juli Kidman his former partner informs him about his daughter Lily being still alive despite thought to be dead years ago. Kidman mentions him about his daughter been captured by Mobius as a guinea pig for Union.

A reflection of Lily’s mind, Union is extremely unstable. Ex-Detective Sebastian must compete against time to find and rescue his daughter and find the conspiracies of Mobius before it gets destroyed. In the course, Sebastian needs to confront killers who made their mark in Union and also face his own traumas and fears.

The Evil Withi@n 2 Gameplay

Identical to The Evil Within, the upcoming is too a survival horror game, played from a third person perspective. In the game, the player plays as a detective Sebastian Castellanos who need to enter the world of Union to rescue his daughter, Lily. The game is based on the three difficulty modes: Casual, Survival and Nightmare. The game comes with a larger map and multiple ways for players to advance in the game. The player will have The Communicator which helps to highlight the resources, objectives, and enemies featured in the games. Moreover, it also reveals the Resonance points providing hints on what had happened in the Union World. With the help of a map, players can explore freely to scour resources and complete side objectives.

As a player, you can use weapons like guns or stealth to prevent from being noticed when confronting enemies. With crafting system, players can gather resources to craft new items. In the game, you can craft items at any time. The Green Gel, introduced in the first game, you can use it to customize abilities such as health, combat, stealth, athleticism, and recovery.

The Evil Within 2 WishList

Although its predecessor was quite fantastic yet there are few improvements we would love to see in the upcoming The Evil Within 2.

Enhanced Performance

Considering other games, Evil Within 2 needs to offer a more optimized experience rather running at a same mediocre level on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Coherent, Grounded Story

Although the Evil Within had a good story, however, it would be amazing if the sequel was less ambitious with the story and offered less on a plot twist that would derail player from the game rather than add to it. It was fine however didn’t make much sense. Hopefully, it could be remedied in the upcoming installment.

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