Syberia 3 – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

The third entry of the Syberia series, Syberia 3 is an adventure game developed by Microids. The first Syberia has launched 17 years ago while the second being almost 15 years.

Syberia 3

The game contains the steampunk elements and pursues the journey of the American lawyer Kate Walker as she forays across the Siberia. Learn about the Syberia 3 game play, trailer, release date, reception, available consoles, development and much more in this article.

Syberia 3 Plot

Following her departure from the Syberia Island, a lawyer, Kate Walker finds herself rescued by Youkoi people adrift on a makeshift boat. With the determination to escape and flee the common enemies, Walker also decides to assist the nomads to achieve their odd ancestral tradition, as they accompany their snow ostriches on their seasonal migration.

In the game, you will also go through the charming town Valsembor, the travel on a ship called Krystal,   through an abandoned theme park in Baranour which was dramatically ruined by nuclear fallout and the radiation yet blocks the parts of the park. A lawyer by profession, Kate will assist Youkols to find their lost temple and then continue their way to ostriches breeding grounds.

Syberia 3 Gameplay Trailer

The developer of the Syberia 3, Microids unveiled the games first neat trailer footage during the E3 last year alongside a launch date in December. However, the release date was later pushed back to following year.

Elliot Grassiano, Vice-President of Microids stated that “After years of expectations, we are glad to offer to our fans a first overview of the universe imagined by Benoit Sokal and set to music by Inon Zur. This first trailer will transport them in Kate Walker’s new adventure, they will learn more about her fellow companions and the obstacles they are going to face.”

Syberia 3 Development

In 2009, the developer Microids announced that the Syberia 3 was being developed. It was aimed to be released on PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows in 2010 as a 3D game. Later, the developer made a pre-announcement that the game would miss the original launch date for the negotiations with Benoit Sokal were in the process and likewise Microids then was acquired by Anuman. Then released press release by the company stated that due to the problems with Sony, they will only be releasing the PC version and not on the PlayStation 3. Three years since it’s mentioned, the company revealed that the work on Syberia 3 couldn’t take off due to the insufficient funding for the game.

In 2012, they revealed they successfully signed a contract with Anuman to start write the story of the game. Then was the initiation of the game’s development which was overseen by the original founder of Microids named Elliot Grassiano. Its official launch was scheduled for 2014 – 2015. In mid-2013, the developer announced that the game had gone into production then releasing its first screenshots in August 2014. In their following press release, it was given that the game will be available on various consoles including mobile devices.

 Syberia 3 Release Date

Microids successively released the Syberia 3 trailer in June 2016 and the second trailer in March 2017. The game was officially launched in April 2017. Syberia 3 is available in over five languages. These include English, German, French, Russian and Polish. Apart from these languages, you can also find the game with subtitles in Spanish, Czech, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Korean.

Syberia 3 Available Consoles  

Syberia 3, the game released in April 2017 is currently available in a number of consoles. These include PlayStation 4, Mac OS, PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. The game will also soon be available for Nintendo Switch as the game is still in development.

Syberia 3 Public Reception

Since its release, the game has garnered mixed reviews from the critics. Many critics have appreciated the games soundtrack, the atmospheric setting, and some amazing puzzles. However, it is also criticized, as many were left disappointed having experienced lots of bugs in the game’s first version, dubious storyline, and dismal gameplay.

Eurogamer has rated the Syberia 3, 6 out of 10 while GameSpot has given the game 4 out 10.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Syberia 3, an action cum adventure game is a steam punk game that follows the plot of the first two Syberia games. Walker abandons the island that is cast adrift on a boat later being rescued by the Youkols whom she later decides to help and fulfill their old traditions. The game features glorious world, immersive storyline plus real time 3 puzzles. Although it was meant to be released in mid 2010, Syberia 3 was finally launched after almost 7 years on 20th April 2017. Developed and published by Microids and Anuman the game is available for the PlayStation 4, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Xbox One.

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