FIFA 20 Real Madrid Ratings – Top 10 Best Real Madrid Players in FIFA 20

Today we talk about FIFA 20 Real Madrid Ratings. After Zidane returned to Real Madrid he was able to finish the season in decent standing. Since the departure of Ronaldo, there has been a lack of dynamic performance.

FIFA 20 Real Madrid Ratings
FIFA 20 Real Madrid Ratings

They just signed Luka Jovic and Eden Hazard so there are still hopes for the team. 

FIFA 20 Real Madrid Ratings

“A” class team of the world has been rated 5 stars as usual with 85 ATT 89 MID and 85 DEF. The upcoming season will be the one to watch for with the arrival of four or five top players. 

Luka Jović (OVR 84):

The Serbian international joined Real Madrid in a 60 million euro deal from Frankfurt. He scored seven goals in the Bundesliga soon to leave the league for La Liga. He has an overall rating of 84 in FIFA 20

Karim Benzema (OVR 84):

Overall Benzema is one of the most decorated strikers in Real Madrid history.  Benzema is classified as “A” Class striker but the previous season he was unable to rack up goals enough to be considered which cause him to lose in rating but this season after moving of Ronaldo we can see his full ability to finish.

Raphael Varane (OVR 86):

Huge kiss of World cup success has lead Raphael to the next level, his defending strategic and technic were talk of the town for a month. Will he bring same magnificent back to Real Madrid?

Marcelo (OVR 88):

Fast pace, dribbling and defending has put him in the favorite player in the team. Since his 5 goals have created a threat to attacking level. He has shown great quality of games with interception and clearances.

Gareth Bale (OVR 88):

The fast pace, long shooting has been always the favorite ability of Bale.  He has scored 17 goals which are behind Ronaldo score creating chance to be top scorer of Real Madrid. His goals over Liverpool during Champions League have shown he can be the highest performer.

Isco (OVR 89):

He is always the first choice for his team as left-winger; he has already racked up 7 goals and creating several assists in the previous season at 26. He is already known as World class midfielder with passing and finishing ability.

Thibaut Courtois (OVR 90):

After keeping a tremendous record of clean sheets in Chelsea previous season, he has got chance to perform in the European league. His recent games have shown that he can keep that record if he got regular starting line.

Toni Kroos (OVR 90):

As a German player, he was criticized for shameful lose with Korea; but his previous record like scoring a stunning goal against Sweden keeps mouth shut up for most haters. His technic, passing, and scoring without missing have great talent.

Luka Modric (OVR 91):

Luka Modric has been awarded the best FIFA men after taking Croatia to semifinals on his captaincies. His ball controlling and assisting has been modified in positive aspects since his debut in Real Madrid. He can replace the position of C.Ronaldo if he can keep this season as healthy as he can.

Sergio Ramos (OVR 91):

The best captain has an aggressive attitude in the pitch which quite admiring. His previous season was quite dramatically with ten clean sheets as being best defender. Let’s hope he will manage to back in track for the upcoming season.

Eden Hazard (OVR 91):

Former Chelsea superstar hazard has already started goal scoring phenomenon; only appearing 6 games he has already conceded 5 goals for his team. Real Madrid finally solved their left winger problem with Hazard who has already started to play a vital part for the Los Blancos. 

Who do you want to sign for Real Madrid in FIFA 20?

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