Days Gone – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

An action – adventure horror video game, Days Gone is under development by SIE Bend Studio. An upcoming horror theme based game, Days Gone is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Days Gone seems like a zombie survival game which aspects is known to have drawn from the book of The Walking Dead.

The zombie survival game kicks off in the Pacific Northwest. The game follows a bounty hunter coined Deacon St. John who should survive following the zombie attack bringing the end to the world. Go through the article to know more about the Days Gone, these including the game’s release date, available consoles, trailer, gameplay and much more.

Days Gone Release Date

There hasn’t been official release date mentioned by the SIE Bend Studio. But, as per the Sony’s announcement at E3 2017, Days Gone will be out on the market by mid – 2018. As of now, Days Gone release date hasn’t been set.

Days Gone Trailer

Sony has showcased numbers of Days Gone trailers since initially revealed at E3 2016. The recent trailer of Days Gone is its gameplay. The game’s trailer takes the viewer deeper into the narrative at the time of apocalypse. The latest trailer breaks the doubts of those who previously compared the game to The Last of US. The trailer suggests that the game is near to the Uncharted franchise.

The game trailer shows Deacon St. John leaving on his motorbike while instantly being weighed down by wolves. The protagonist rides during the day and while there are no wolves but a lot of snowmaking harder to stick to the road. Check out the latest trailer to figure out by yourself.

Days Gone Available Consoles

The single – player action adventure survival horror, Days Gone is slated to be available on PlayStation 4.

About Days Gone

Based on the statement issued by the game’s developer, Days Gone pursues a story about Deacon St. John who prefers to live in the outside world filled with dangerous path dealing with gangs of zombies. The game takes place two years following global pandemic where millions have turned into zombies coined as Freakers. Freakers are known to be rapid, unstoppable and relentless. Although the core of the Days Gone is unclear, however, it is anticipated that the narrator is in search of the cure of the pandemic.

Days Gone Development

Days Gone full force production started in early 2015. It is in development using Unreal Engine 4. The creative director and writer of Days Gone are John Garvin while Jeff Rose the Days Gone director.

Days Gone Gameplay

An action-adventure survival horror game, Days Gone is set in a post-apocalyptic open world environment. The game is played from a third-person perspective where the player controls the protagonist Deacon St. John. He is a former bounty hunter who enjoys living a dangerous life on the road. Set in the dangerous outside world, Days Gone includes combat, exploration in its gameplay. In order to survive in the game, a player needs to combine distinct mechanisms such as finding and utilizing diverse ways to tackle and fight Freakers. In the game, Freakers group together in large overwhelming numbers.

E3 2016 demo showed large numbers of Freakers charging towards the Deacon, tumbling over each other. In a video, it is shown how Deacon leads the zombies into a sawmill before bringing down a crumbling bridge combining his crafting system. The developer also has revealed that for a player to traverse there will be vehicles available in the vast gameplay area. However, a player needs to be careful as zombies are apparently drawn to the noise of vehicles.

In Conclusion

Set in an open world action-adventure horror game, Days Gone seems to come as one of the most controversial PlayStation 4 games of 2018. Not because of quality or content but because of the game’s similarity to other already released zombie games. Yet, let’s see how the gamers will perceive the game following the post-launch of Days Gone.



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