Call of Duty WWIII (WW3) – Release Date, Trailer, Consoles and News

An upcoming first-person shooter video game, Call of Duty WWIII is developed and published by Sledgehammer Games and Activision.

COD ww3

It is the fourteenth installment and the first game in the Call of Duty Series to be set primarily during World War II. In this article learn more about Call of Duty WWIII gameplay, release date, trailer, available consoles and much more.

Call of Duty WWIII Trailers

Call of Duty WWII released its trailer on April 26th and confirmed the rumors about the inclusion of the World War III setting. In the trailer, we can see a group of soldiers storming the beaches before their tank being ambushed in the countryside. Moreover, it ends with an epic action medley featuring some gruesome actions. Same month, the developer also revealed the trailer of the multiplayer-focused trailer and also focused on the zombie mode. A few months later, we also saw a private multiplayer beta trailer highlights the new classes and the maps.

Call of Duty WWIII Available Consoles

The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Except for the PC, all the pre-orders will give access to private that will first hit on PlayStation 4 from August 25 – 28 and followed by a second week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, the PC beta will be announced at later dates. Moreover, the game will come in three editions: Base, Digital Deluxe, and the Pro Edition.

Call of Duty WWIII Release Date

The game was announced on April 21, 2017, and is scheduled to go global on November 3, 2017. However, customers who pre – order can enjoy the game’s private beta; although it’s not certain if there will be different beta access for distinct platforms.

Call of Duty WWIII

Like its previous installments, the upcoming one will be a first person shooter game but deploying the advance movement such as wall running and double jumping integrated into the previous Call of Duty games. Likewise, the game also doesn’t feature unlimited sprint mechanic. Instead, introduces slide movement mechanic allowing players to slide quickly on the ground. A Hit the Deck mechanic will be featured that lets the player leap forward and throw them on the ground to get to cover instantly quite similar to a previous mechanic, dolphin dive.

Call of Duty WWIII Campaign

As per Sledgehammer Games, there’s a lot a gamer can expect in the solo campaign. In some missions, you will be disguised as a Nazi officer while being part of the French Allied Campaign and also marching through the D-Day Landings. Sledgehammer stated the campaign as brutal and intimate. In the game, a player will be taking control of a single unit of soldiers throughout the campaign.

It’s the first title to have featured-less health regeneration, instead relying on their medic squads to receive health packs and ammunition. All players will be playing in Hardcore Mode automatically; means there will be no campaign’s difficulty setting. Capturing, wounding and as well killing enemies and completing goals can add up XP (player’s experience). This can be increased and will enhance the skills of the player. Players will also be able to control vehicles in some parts of the campaign.

Call of Duty WWIII Multiplayer

Call of Duty WWII multiplayer mode was announced at E3 2017. Developers have announced new features  in the mode including new headquarters divisions, boots on the ground gameplay and war mode. In the online multiplayer, players are assigned either to Axis or Allies side. On Axis side, players play as Germans while on Allies side, players can play as American, French Resistance or British armies.

Sledgehammer, co-founder, and co-studio, Schofield said, “The big distinction that Germans still make today is that between the German military and the Nazis. We made sure we made that distinction in the game, that the Germans were doing their duty. We also make a distinction between the SS and the regular German Army”.

Apart from the usual create a class system; Call of Duty WWII features Divisions. There are five divisions and player can choose one out of it. Each division comes with different basic division training, combat training, and weapon skills. The five divisions featured are briefed below:


It’s the most versatile divisions and is equipped with medium to long range combat. The special skill of Infantry is the Bayonet charge.


In this division, players can move fast while staying quiet. Players are able to attach a silencer to guns at any time during combat. This allows for the more covertness based style.


Players playing in this division can have the heaviest firepower. Here, players are able to launch machine guns and rocket as secondary ammunitions.


Mountain division emphasizes on long range combat. Sniper rifles are precise in this division and feature improved aiming through scope by phasing out the surroundings from players view.


Short guns in this division are extremely effective as players using this in Expeditionary division can burn enemies to death; thanks to its incendiary rounds shape.


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